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What to expect


Initial Consultation-60 mins


Follow up appointment-45 mins


Follow up appointment- 30 mins


Travel charges from N8

- 0-15 mins £0                

-15-30 mins £10              

- 30-45 mins £15             

- 45-1hr £20                    

Parking: Will be billed to the client on top of the treatment fees, if free parking not available.

We shall allow at least an hour for the initial assessment and treatment

During this assessment we shall:

  • Take a detailed history from you about both you, your health and the problem(s) you have asked us to assess.

  • We will then complete a full assessment of your problem, which may include gait analysis, palpation of muscles and joints and strength testing, as well as special tests to diagnose certain conditions.

  • After this thorough assessment we can identify a problem list and establish if treatment is required. The outcome of the assessment and treatment plan will then be discussed.

  • If the treatment plan is agreed:  Treatment will aim to restore correct movement, mobility and function whilst addressing secondary compensatory mechanisms. You will be advised on exercises and modalities and if required, provided with written exercise programmes.

  • Follow up treatment times may differ depending upon findings during assessment, animal requirements and response to treatment.

  • We liase closely with consultants and GP's regarding onward referral and further investigations required.


Treatment usually consists of a combination of education/advice, exercise based therapy, manual techniques (which are 'hands on'), electrotherapy and rehabilitation advice.


A treatment session may include some of the following:

• Joint manipulation/mobilisation techniques.

• Soft tissue release techniques (massage).

• Reflex inhibition techniques 

• Stretches 

• Electrotherapy 

• An exercise rehabilitation programme 

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